Looking for an investment that’s smart in both the short and long-term? Tankless water heaters are a quantum leap forward in how homes and businesses meet their need for hot water. With traditional water heaters, water is warmed up constantly, making them extremely inefficient with energy usage. Plus, the temperature of the water can fluctuate dramatically, and if you live with someone else, you know a flushed toilet or running faucet can quickly transform a hot shower into an icy blast of frigid water.

Tankless Water Heater Benefits

The units for tankless water heaters are smaller, lighter, and more compact. They also utilize between 35 to 45 percent less energy than a traditional heating system, and only heat water for bathing or cooking when you need it. Technological innovations allow them to supply numerous outlets at the same time, with no fluctuations in temperature. Perhaps best of all, you never have to worry about running out of hot water while you’re taking a shower.

Making the switch to a tankless water heater is easier than you think. At Only Water Heaters, we’ve spent more than three decades providing comprehensive water heater service for clients in Central Ohio. To learn more about tankless water heater installation and repair, contact us online, by phone or text message today.