We’d be willing to bet that you’re trying to figure out ways to save money. Whether it’s your home or your business, there are always ways to hold on to a few bucks. Better yet, is when you can save while improving your living or working conditions. When it comes to a gas water heater, they represent pure potential.

If you already have a gas line installed, installing a gas water heater can be highly affordable in the long run. For larger families, these can be a better option than electric heaters. Gas heaters can heat up a full 50-gallon tank within an hour, while an electric water heater can take an hour to heat 25 gallons. Since electricity usually costs more than natural gas, gas water heaters can be far more affordable in terms of your regular energy costs. Plus, if you have a water heater that ignites with a pilot light instead of an ignition powered by electricity, you never need to worry about losing hot water in the event of a blackout.

Are gas water heaters the right choice for you? At Only Water Water Heaters, we’ve been providing clients with comprehensive water heating services throughout Central Ohio for more than 30 years. Our team of experts can help you make the choice that works for you, efficiently handle the installation, and always be available for repairs and maintenance. For more information, contact us online, by phone or text message today.