Home Water Heater Installation In Columbus, Ohio

There aren’t many things better in life than a new home. The walls are spotless, just waiting for pictures to be hung. The kitchen is clean, waiting for the first gourmet meal to be cooked. One of the best details, though? Brand new appliances that have no recurring issues or annoying wear and tear. The function of your water heater is no different.

Our Experienced Technicians

At Only Water Heaters, we’ve served homeowners and property managers throughout Central Ohio for more than 30 years. We’re the only company in the area to fully specialize in water heaters. If you’re having a new home built, or you’re looking for a full water heater installation or an upgrade to an old water heater, we’ll meet with you to discuss your options and provide you with a completely residential water heater installation free estimate.

When the installation itself takes place, our technicians arrive with everything that’s needed on the truck. We’ve also developed a highly efficient transportation system and, if needed, we can deliver any water heater within two hours of the order being placed. During the installation itself, our installers will keep you in the loop, answer any questions you have, and go over maintenance tips to keep your water heater running reliably for years.

For more information about our Columbus water heater installation process and services or to schedule a consultation, contact us online, by phone, or by or text message today.