Hello, and welcome to our water heater installation and repair company’s blog! In the future, you will be able to find articles and resources about basic water heater maintenance, how to tell if your water heater is functioning optimally, what water heaters work best to meet the unique needs of both commercial and residential spaces, and more!

At Only Water Heaters, we take great pride in being the premier water heater repair and water heater replacement specialists in Columbus, Ohio. Specializing in the repair and installation of tankless water heater, electric water heaters, and gas water heaters, a quick call to our team can help to resolve all of your water heater needs. 

In today’s blog, we will be discussing the services that we offer to give you a better idea of how we might be able to assist you in the future.

Our Columbus Water Heater Repair Services

If you have ever had a warm shower turn cold while you are still covered in soap or had tap water that takes forever to warm up, you likely already know the pain of having a broken or malfunctioning water heater. When your water heater begins to act up, it can be hard to justify buying a new one — but you want to make sure that you have a perfectly functioning water heater, right? Well, getting your water heater up and running again is a simple as contacting our team, here at Only Water Heaters.

Serving residential neighborhoods and commercial operations alike, our team of Columbus water heater repair specialists is here to make sure that your water heater functions optimally. 

Our Columbus Water Heater Installation Services

There comes a time in the lifespan of every building, whether it be commercial or residential, where the water heater must be replaced. The most common reasons that homeowners or business owners in the Columbus area choose to replace their old water heaters are because the water heater breaks and is irreparable, it is time to upgrade to the newest and most efficient water heater technology, or the unit has simply met the end of its intended lifespan and died. 

Regardless of what happens to your water heater, it is important to remember that when you need a new one, there is only one place to call. At Only Water Heaters, we work with all of our clients to determine what type of water heater meets their budget and needs. So if your water heater is broken or not meeting your needs, contact us today!

For Water Heater Repairs, Replacement, & Installation, Contact Us!

If you live in Columbus, Ohio and need water heater replacements, water heater repairs, or water heater installation for your residential or commercial property, we urge you to get in touch with our team today

At Only Water Heaters, we have decided to specialize in one service — water heaters. Why have we done so? Because we want to guarantee our clients services of the highest quality!

If you have any issues with your water heater or questions about potential water heater upgrades for your residential or commercial property in Columbus, we urge you to get in touch with us and to request a free project estimate. 

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